Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to Unlock PS3 - Discover How to Copy and Play PS3 Games From PS3 Hard Drive!

The Sony Playstation 3 has taken video gaming to another level with mid blowing graphics and awesome gameplay which has won over so many people worldwide! Due to its success PS3 owners are now looking into ways to backup their PS3 games so they can protect their orignial discs from being destroyed and damaged.

Back in the days, doing this sort of stuff was very technical and required some knowledge of electronics and being able to install modchips with soldering irons. This method was dangerous and ran the risk voiding the factory warranties that came with the console.

This lead to the development of finding ways on how to copy ps3 games to hard drive. This technique is far more easier and eliminates the risk of wreaking your ps3 gaming system.

By using special software that is installed in the ps3 system, the software will unlock the ps3 firmware to enabke you to play games from the hdd. Next step just insert the game disc and then open up  and copying program that can download the game onto the hard drive. This game will be uploaded onto the hard disk in a playable format so all you have to do is select the game from the menu and your away laughing.

Playing games from the hard drive is better as you will experience greater loading speeds and faster gameplay.

Whars even cooler is this can be done in a matter of 30 minutes. All you need to do is find a site that contains the software and installation instructions to get it done.

Gone are the days of using dodgy thrid party modchips that fail or do harm to your console, now there's a better way through backing up games to ps3 hard drive.

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